Take and Bake

Catering Creations and HH Concierge’s Take and Bake Meals save time and bring your family back to the dinner table. Each month we create a new, exciting menu with meals that can be ordered family style or for an individual. If you and your family like something from our past menus, it’s no problem. Search our archives and order from past menus.

Take and Bake Meals can be frozen and served weeks after you bring them home. Every meal is made by Catering Creations and HH Concierge with fresh ingredients and easy to follow instructions. You may pick them up or have them delivered for a nominal fee.

Take and Bake meals are great for:

  • The elderly, families expecting new babies, people recovering from illness or surgery, church potlucks, and dinner parties. Catering Creations and HH Concierge provides fundraising opportunities with our Take and Bake meals.

All Take and Bake meals are frozen unless otherwise requested by you. We’ll even cook the meals, just to save you time. It’s like having your own personal chef.

Life is demanding enough. Let Catering Creations and HH Concierge provide a simple, affordable solution to cooking dinner.

We also have many other great services for your busy lifestyle.

Contact Catering Creations and HH Concierge today at (405) 364-1400.

(Feeds 6-8)

Previous Menu Items

It’ll take 72 hours for these items to be ready.

We’ll contact you to confirm the order and let you know when your order is ready. Please verify your phone number and e-mail before submitting form.